Non-religious Services

Whilst for some people faith is a great comfort when a loved one dies, others prefer to choose a funeral service with little or no religious content at all.

Just like any type of service, a non-religious funeral is a personal ceremony that celebrates the life of a loved one who has passed away but references no religion and focuses more on the life of the person who is being remembered. A service may include the focus on life, nature, and different creative ways to say final goodbyes.

A celebrant would guide you through the order of the service discussing personal music choice, readings of poetry, family tributes including periods of reflection to allow loved ones the opportunity of private thoughts in silence or during music.

Families may have their own unique ideas of how they choose to say goodbye by lighting candles, laying flowers, or including live music into the service.

Many people choose this option because they have no religious beliefs, but whether religious or not a funeral service should reflect a life and personality and can be just the way families and friends want to remember their loved ones.

A non-religious service can be held at any venue happy to accommodate a service. Suggestions for possible venues include:

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