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From flowers, catering, cars and keepsakes, we offer a large selection of funeral products to make sure you’re able to create the perfect send-off for your loved one.

The little details make a big difference...

That’s why we are proud to have partnered with a select group of suppliers who we know, and trust, to deliver the very best quality products for our clients.


Audrey Asquith Florist

A wide range of beautiful floral tributes can be arranged and supplied by our highly experienced husband and wife team, David & Claire Ducey of Audrey Asquiths.

Situated on Cavendish Street in Keighley, Audrey Asquiths offer a selection of traditional designs, wreaths, sprays, and bespoke tributes that can be viewed in our comprehensive brochure below. We welcome any special requests and are delighted to accommodate any bespoke floral arrangements.

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From hearses to horse-drawn carriages and everything in between

We operate a modern fleet of E Class Mercedes Hearse & Limousines, ensuring every part of your journey to and from the funeral is taken care of.

Our Polaris Mercedes E Class Plug-In Hybrid hearse was built in Italy by Pilato SpA and is the flagship of the Pilato Mercedes fleet, setting new standards for the modern hearse.

Our hearse emits much lower carbon emissions than a conventional hybrid vehicle offering emission free driving up to 33 miles and allowing zero emission journeys to and from our local crematoriums in Oakworth, Nab Wood & Skipton.

Alternative fleets of vehicles are available upon request, plus a range of alternative modes of transport to make your final farewell personal to your loved one.

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Funeral catering


Our Recommended caterers

Having time to reflect and share memories of your loved one can often take the form of inviting mourners to join you for refreshments at a local catering venue.  We can arrange this for you and can recommend some excellent local venues, advising of their menus and prices.

The Grouse Inn, Branshaw Golf Club, The Airedale Heifer, Steeton Hall Hotel & Restaurant, Newsholme Manor Hotel & Restaurant

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A lasting memory, as unique as the loved one it remembers

We are here to help you when you feel it may be time to choose a headstone for your loved one which should be as individual as the person who will be always remembered.

From the purchase of new headstones, renovations, and re-inscriptions on existing memorials, we can advise you of your options regarding materials, sizes, prices and the differing rules and regulations of cemeteries and churchyards, ensuring that all guidelines are followed.

By using a combination of traditional masons’ skills and modern technology, our aim is to provide the highest quality and durability at competitive prices.

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Ashes urns and caskets

Ashes Urns & Caskets

Find the perfect Ashes Urn for your loved one

Treasure the memory of a loved one by choosing from our selection of ashes urns. From handmade bespoke solid wood caskets to Swaledale woollen caskets and scatter tubes, we can guide you to the final tribute for your loved one.

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Creating a lasting memory of your loved one

We believe that everyone should have a way to carry a little piece of someone they love with them, even if they’ve passed away.

Everwith, our keepsake/jewellry partner are the UK’s largest memorial jewellery company, specialising in the creation of beautiful, bespoke keepsakes in memory of loved ones who have passed away.

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Funeral order of service stationery

Funeral Stationery

Stationery to guarantee a beautiful and seamless service

Printing can be arranged with our team who will liaise with the minister or officiant on the families’ behalf to produce an order of service.

A selection of sample service sheets are available at our offices, however, personalised printing with photographs and specific designs can be easily arranged.

Our professional range of funeral stationery provides you with an order of service that is designed to be a lasting and fitting keepsake for everyone to have and cherish. All our stationery is printed on high quality paper stock and can be in full colour if desired.

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We care about you, and the environment

Offset the Carbon Footprint of a funeral by Dedicating a Tree In Memory of a Loved One

Tree Planting for Tomorrow’s Generation.

A funeral is not just a service, it is a unique tribute to our loved ones. Whilst ‘green funerals’ may echo the person’s life and personality; the reality is that every funeral has a negative impact on our environment. Learn more about our aim to ensure every funeral we are trusted to care for has a positive impact on our environment.

Trees are one of the world’s most powerful natural carbon recycling ecosystems due to their photosynthesis process
We have several tree planting partners and initiatives, allowing families the option to sequester the carbon produced on a funeral by dedicating and planting a tree in memory of a loved one at one of our selected tree planting partners here in the UK.

Although a ‘Carbon Neutral’ funeral is realistically unattainable and impossible for any company to be specific with every process, service, product and travel our variables are based on an average ‘Simple Funeral’ producing 0.294 tonne of carbon.

There are so many variables led by an endless choice of service options. A one size fits all carbon capture does not make allowances for this.

Each tree that is planted will receive a digital certificate verifying the tree, it’s type and its location.

The planting can be dedicated in memory of your loved one and personalised to any family member. This can provide a lasting memorial in place of a physical keepsake.

Although we only send the certificates digitally, please do feel free to print and mount them in a frame, but we do ask that you use an eco-friendly printer and printing material.

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