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Offset the Carbon Footprint of a funeral by Dedicating a Tree In Memory of a Loved One

Tree Planting for Tomorrow’s Generation.

A funeral is not just a service, it is a unique tribute to our loved ones. Whilst ‘green funerals’ may echo the person’s life and personality; the reality is that every funeral has a negative impact on our environment. Learn more about our aim to ensure every funeral we are trusted to care for has a positive impact on our environment.

Trees are one of the world’s most powerful natural carbon recycling ecosystems due to their photosynthesis process
We have recently partnered with eTrees (Link to website to find out more) allowing families the option to sequester the carbon produced on a funeral by dedicating and planting a tree in memory of a loved one at one of our selected tree planting partners here in the UK.

Although a ‘Carbon Neutral’ funeral is realistically unattainable and impossible for any company to be specific with every process, service, product and travel our variables are based on an average ‘Simple Funeral’ producing 0.294 tonne of carbon.

There are so many variables led by an endless choice of service options. A one size fits all carbon capture does not make allowances for this.

Each tree that is planted will receive a digital certificate verifying the tree, it’s type and its location.

The planting can be dedicated in memory of your loved one and personalised to any family member. This can provide a lasting memorial in place of a physical keepsake.

Although we only send the certificates digitally, please do feel free to print and mount them in a frame, but we do ask that you use an eco-friendly printer and printing material.

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